Toilet Radio 431 – Looting Timmy’s Chicken Shack


Morgan Wallen defeated Metallica at the billboard charts. Even more impressive, his blood alcohol content was 0.24 while he did it. / Nu metal, as a genre, isn’t coming back, zoomers just like KoRn. / Crazytown: not popular with zoomers, each other. I blame Dr. Drew. / Trey from Morbid Angel is going through it on an extremely cursed tour. / Tim “Ripper” Owens is a racist old dipshit and Iced Earth is almost certainly gonna try for a comeback / Air conditioning is like kryptonite to Ronnie Radke’s weak ass voice / Liquid Death has another stupid publicity stunt. Hate this fucking company, man. / A bunch of metal festivals in fucked up pretty bad and had to cancel. Folks, it’s a good one.

Music featured on this ‘sode:
AgricultureLook, Pt. 1

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