Premiere: Deathcrush – “Under Serpents Reign”


I’ve got my spine, I’ve got my orange Deathcrush.

Ever just wake up, realize it’s Monday, again, and just want to break stuff because we really should move to a 3 day weekend? Maybe a little blasphemy over coffee sounds good to accompany the curses you fling toward the heavens and whatever omnipotent forces have conspired to make you toil away in service of some oligarchic goon with 3 yachts who “works” 10 hours a week and makes 320x what you do? Italian black/death purveyors Deathcrush got us covered with the third track from their upcoming third album Under Serpents Reign via Time To Kill Records, “Beheading Jehovah Prophet”.

The band have this to say about the track:

“Beheading Jehovah Prophet’ is the opening track of the new album and we are extremely happy with what we achieved with this composition. It was the first song completed for the album and it paved the way for the rest of the material on ‘Under Serpents Reign’, defining our current trademark. We see it as a perfect mix of old school death metal and brutal and violent black metal, enhanced with a powerful performance and production. Lyrics wise, the words match the sound with an explicit and blasphemous concept, spitting venom directly on the face of every false prophet and religion. This is a reminder of what our ‘Furious Death Musik’ is capable of”.

Let’s give this bandolier wearing, club swinging, war mongering, goaty goodness a spin, shall we?

Under Serpents Reign drops April 26. Like what you hear? Pre-order at Time to Kill Records big cartel store, Deathcrush’s bandcamp, or stream before you buy here. And don’t forget to give Deathcrush a follow on social media.

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