Primordium’s New Song “The Incursion” Will Stab You Through the Chest


You will get stabbed in the chest and you will like it.

If you follow Rivers of Nihil on facebook, you may have noticed that they plugged a seemingly unknown band called Primordium. This was a new name to me so I had to check it out. I know what you’re thinking. “But Jack, you’re an endless fount of tech death knowledge!” I know. I’m surprised I didn’t know about them earlier too.

Still, I’m beyond stoked I found them.  These guys are upper-tier, perhaps on the level of Spawn of Possession, Obscura, or Archspire.  The drumming is just perfection, the guitars snake in and out of the the vocals and beats. It’s amazing. One of the most impressive aspects of this song is the production. You can hear every instrument in this tune clearly, something man in metal struggle to do.  Also, I fucking love that riff.  Dat album art!


Their debut album Aeonian Obsolescence comes out on September 19th on Lacerated Enemy Records.  Don’t forget to follow them on bandcamp and facebook if you dig it.

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