TMP: Tovarish, Chronologist, Entombed AD, and More!


I may not have done a great job of filtering the best news to the top. That just means you’ll have to click all of these.

Entombed AD


Chelsea Wolfe

Like and subscribe, we got new Tovarish.

This Ashbringer stuff rules.

  • My instrumental dudes in Chronologist dropped their latest in a series of EPs.
  • Jungle Rot got a new drummer.
  • Insomnium, BDM, Sam1na tour.
  • Get shredded to infinity with Infinity Shred.
  • Kraut doom from Ecstatic Vision.
  • Soulfly and Unearth are touring in a few months.
  • Venom Prison, Homewrecker, Call of the Void tour.
  • Goatwhore, Ringworm in August.
  • Sleep Token isn’t really metal but I like it anyway.
  • Sonata Arctica released a single.
  • Some heavy shit from Opium Lord.
  • Dropdead‘s van stolen, selling demos to raise funds.
  • Dark Funeral had their costumes stolen.
  • Manowar bailed on Hellfest at the last minute.
  • Decibel Metal & Beer Fest LA bands announced.

And a bunch more that might be ok:

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