Premiere: Adrift For Days – “When The Knot Unties”


Sydney’s Adrift For Days are soon to release their marvellous third album A Sleepless Grey and today we’re pleased to present to you an exclusive sneak-peek into their enigmatic psychedelic doom odyssey. Let the waves of this final track from the upcoming album wash over your psyche…just don’t drive a vehicle for 4 hours afterwards. 

While it might seem relatively unassuming for the first few minutes, “When The Knot Unties” marks the end of the an hour long journey through some of the most unique and forward thinking psych-doom I’ve heard to date. With oscillations in tone from minimalist drone-like passages that invoke an almost meditative hypnosis, to the pounding gargantuan climax, the song can be considered analogous to the way the album’s layers rise and fall in tremendous waves; the track itself a microcosm of A Sleepless Grey‘s vast progressive expanse.

Full disclosure, even though I’ve known of the band since its inception back in 2010, and have been impressed with their previous work, I can safely say that A Sleepless Grey is the band’s most ambitious and accomplished work to date. Having known him for over a decade now, I am consistently impressed that Mick’s range as a vocalist continues to deepen and diversify, blending the sludge psychosis of Dax Riggs (Acid Bath) with the narcotic crooning of Phil Anselmo’s work in Down but charging it all with the eclectic potency of perhaps his main influence, Mike Patton (however in this instance, replace Italian opera experimentation with shamanistic warbling and bouts of explosive upheaval). This variegation works in perfect synchronicity with the shifting moods created by the guitars throughout the album. Lachlan and Ron (guitars) combine some of the Eastern motifs that permeated Hashshashin‘s transcendent debut with dense and dismal doom. If you’re a fan of Om, Neurosis, ZaumEarth, or even Pink Floyd, I’m sure you’ll find this album a captivating listen. Below you’ll find an earlier track from the album, where you can hear some of the more surging fuzzed-out fronts that crash against the ever-eroding edges of consciousness.

A Sleepless Grey comes out on June 6th through Art As Catharsis Records (TovH interview). Head over the their bandcamp page to pre-order your copy for as little as $1. Their previous albums are also currently name your price, but are definitely worth a few dollarydoos.

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