Hellyeah – Human: A Video Breakdown


More human than Hellyeah.

When last we saw The Hellyeahs, the band was asking their fans to shell out $500 to go to their BBQ party. Apparently, watching Vinnie Paul eat his weight in kielbasa and ribs was just too good of an offer to pass up, because the band will be releasing their upcoming album UNDEN!ABLE (all caps and inexplicable exclamation point their emphasis, not mine) in just a few weeks. To celebrate this plague upon humanity, Hell And The Yeahs have put out a video for their new song “Human.” Grab a few burgers and some tater tots and crack open an ice cold Bud Lite Rita for this one.

0:07: Hey, I didn’t know Edsel Dope was in Hellyeah.
0:10: Welcome To Vinnie Paul’s newest strip club “Da Titty Shack.”
0:14: “Hi! I’m in the band too!”
0:18: Nice of Electric Wizard to let the band use their practice space.
0:24: If you want seizures, gimme a “Hell yeah!”
0:31: Fisheye shot provided by every shady landlord on Craigslist.
0:38: Yeah, that’s totally how people hold guitars.
0:44: It’s like a Hot Topic threw up on him.
0:50: Chad actually looked less ridiculous when he had giant blue chin tentacles.
0:54: I’m going to go out on a limb and say his gloves aren’t for weight lifting.
1:01: Guess their fundraiser didn’t have enough leftover to buy him sleeves.
1:08: In the right light, he kind of looks like Marilyn Manson… that’s not a compliment.
1:13: So is this video pro-human or anti-human?
1:18: Is it about Vinnie Paul’s desire to become a human?
1:22: You ever heard about getting “pillow face” after sleeping a certain way? She’s got “net butt.”
1:27: I hope whoever directed this video is getting paid in class credits at film school.
1:33: It’s worth pointing out Vinnie Paul’s insane facial hair.
1:39: Can’t tell if racist or…
1:46: I expected more from someone who wrote a song entitled “Poop Loser.”
1:48: Chuck never did make it to the second round of tryouts for the Blue Man Group.
1:55: The darkness in this video represents the lack of light. That’s heavy.
1:58: Cheap Cosplay Mystique.
2:05: Genericyeah.
2:11: This song would be perfect for a UFC match that no one cares about.
2:18: They would’ve been better off calling this song “Lizard People.”
2:27: Were they pressed for time and had to use whatever they filmed or did they think this was a good shot?
2:34: Guitarwangyeah.
2:39: Brazzers is taking things to strange, new places.
2:41: So did Vinnie Paul just smash his face into a panini press to get his beard to look like that?
2:49: Solono.
2:56: “Welcome to Da Titty Shack! Where da girlz all have black toof grins, amirite?!”
3:02: A little disappointed he’s not wearing a Hatchet Man necklace.
3:09: I feel the same way, Chad.
3:13: Blackface was a real nice touch, guys.
3:17: The lack of self-awareness shouldn’t be a shock considering their shirts (and plenty of Pantera merch) has the Confederate flag on it.
3:26: Kud. That’s it. That’s the joke.
3:33: I think we all learned a valuable lesson with this video: People should stop giving Hellyeah money.

Hellyeah’s new album UNDEN!ABLE will be released on June 3, 2016 via Eleven Seven Music.

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