Flush it Friday: Ivory Tusk


Teeth have been on my mind as of late—from their use in destroying my fingernails with new-job stress, to the dissodeath of Teeth, and last but certainly not least odd, in subduing a killer in London. This ridiculous story has reminded me of the fantastic beast that is the narwhal. The male has only two teeth, one of which is a tusk that can reach up to 8.8 feet in length. It’s even thought that this nerve-filled, highly-modified canine tooth can be used to communicate information about water chemistry to other individuals. That’s crazy. You know what is also crazy? These piping hot articles the TovH fam served up this week.

Breno found the ultimate drummer. Best in the world. Have you heard of the fantastic band, Clove Hitch? ‘Course you have!

Drummer of Band with Most Social Media Outreach Voted “GREATEST DRUMMER” Somehow

SLNC reminded us that we all blew it last year by missing out on an Obscure release from Nekrovault.

In Case You Missed It: Nekrovault – Obscure

THE Golden Boy 365 visited Static-X‘s love dump for a Toilet Radio interview.

Toilet Radio 218: Static-X Gonna Give it to Ya

Brandon Corsair reflected on the newest release from Mirror.

Review: Mirror – Pyramid of Terror

I miss y’all this week. Give me them G/B/Us to distract me from the fact that I’m stuck in a human clot riding in a screaming metal deathtrap every day now.

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