Deathless Legacy – Legion Of The Night: A Video Breakdown


For we are legion.

As COVID vaccinations rise, so too does the hope of a return to normalcy. People are able to hug their relatives, mask requirements are loosening, and concerts and festivals are being scheduled. While I think that’s all premature, it is nice to see music making a bigger return. Quarantine Zoom clips and patchwork live footage serving as music videos are slowly going away. You know what that means? More green screen videos, baby!

Italy’s Deathless Legacy brings their “Occult Horror Metal” to the green screen this week and they’re not alone. Joining them on this digital journey into the spooky unknown is Steve Sylvester of Death SS. Some of you may know Death SS as the band that older guys on the internet insist were a big deal. Others might know them as a “Wait, what does the ‘SS’ stand for?” band. Their horror-flavored occult metal paved the way for countless bands including Ghost, Sylvester’s inclusion in this song is a perfect fit, not only stylistically, but because Deathless Legacy started as a Death SS tribute band. It’s like a reverse Ripper Owens situation. The question is, though, does it all fit in front of a green screen? Let’s break it down.



What’s Fleshgod Apocalypse doing here?


And Wednesday 13?


When I ask for no tomatoes on my sandwich, but I see them putting tomatoes on it anyway.


I always appreciate a good Tom Savini appearance.


When the tomatoes they put on your sandwich are diced, so you have to pick them out one by one.


Powering through a bite when you realize you didn’t get out all the tomatoes.


Only six more months until Halloween!


Move over, Lady Dimitrescu. Goth Floor Jansen is here to step on some simps.


It’s Rob Zombie’s Italian cousin, Roberto Zombierto.


Put this man in every music video.


Every. Music. Video.


Yes, Mommy Goth Floor Jansen. Whatever you say, Mommy Goth Floor Jansen.


Deathless Legacy’s Legion Of The Night single is available now via Scarlet Records.

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