Spitefuel – Under Fire: A Video Breakdown


Spite it out.

Have you ever planned to break down a music video just to find out it’s only on Loudwire and not Youtube, therefore making it a pain in the ass to make gifs? No? Just me then? Awesome. See you in a week or two, Lizzy Borden. Looks like I’ll have to come up with something on the fly. Youtube filters, what have you  got for me? What’s this? A band exclusively using a green screen? Perrrrrrfect.


Wow! How did they come up with such creative and complex characters?


Why have digital fog if you can’t use it to cover your awkward arm movements?


Come on, chestbusters. Do your thing!


This is how workers at Sephora approach customers.


It’s not exactly The Great Escape, but it works.




It would be subtler if they just smashed us in the face with an actual CD.


Eh, still good enough to be an original series on Netflix.

Now that is how you peace out.


Spitefuel’s album Dreamworld Collapse is out now via MDD Records.

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