I Have A Big Day Tomorrow Today


Knees spaghetti
Mom’s spaghetti
Or something

As some of you know, I finished medical school earlier this year. In January of 2016 I’ll get my license and I’ll be able to work as a general practitioner. Regardless, my biggest accomplishment this year would be getting into a good residency program on my first attempt. As you read this, I’m probably wrapping up the most important entrance exam I can take without leaving Brasil.

I need to be on my A game. I need to walk into this just like Barcelona stomped on Real Madrid last afternoon.

I need crushing, inspiring, driving and hype-building songs for my pre-test.


Hopefully, I’ll be on a celebration playlist after I finish.

After this, I’ll be tested regarding how well I perform doing procedures and consults as well as several interviews, but this Sunday’s exam will still be a milestone during this phase of my life. I hope things get a bit more normal and maybe I’ll get back to writing again. I certainly miss it, and specially you little rascals.

This is an open swim. Have fun while daddy goes out to work to try and bring home the bacon.

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