Steve Grimett’s Grim Reaper – Walking In The Shadows: A Video Breakdown


Twin Peaks: Shadows Walk With Me

If bands like Iron Maiden and (arguably) Judas Priest are 1st tier New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, then Grim Reaper could comfortably be considered 2nd tier. Their 1985 album Fear No Evil was well-received (despite the absolute insanity that is “Final Scream“). Following legal battles and shifting popular musical tastes, the band disbanded in 1988, and singer Steve Grimett went on to sing for both Onslaught and Lionheart. In 2006, Grimmett reformed Grim Reaper who are now set to release their first album in almost 30 years. Here is the new video for the title track.

0:05: One of these band members is not like the other.
0:11: That guitar is going to be sore in the morning.
0:16: That’s not how braille works.
0:21: *coughcoughcough*
0:25: Someone set the smoke machine to “Barnes.”
0:31: InterVarsity is getting weird.
0:36: I feel like we interrupted Steve Grimmett’s smoke break.
0:43: You know it’s mystical when things are done in reverse.
0:50: I love it. Everyone is super psyched to be in this video.
0:59: Remember this the next time you hear a young band complaining about the rigors of shooting their videos.
1:06: Oh, I get it. He wants us to take his hand.
1:17: I hope everyone stretched before filming.
1:24: Hey, a dorje.
1:32: That guitar better be using some protection.
1:38: Guitar VD is no joke.
1:44: Making a spice rub the old fashioned way.
1:57: I think Grim Reaper stole their drummer from a Ministry concert.
2:06: That’s either a really big cross or a giant t-shaped gingerbread cookie.
2:18: Grrrrrrrrrr!
2:27: You’re just ruining that antique table.
2:31: It’ll be worth nothing on Antiques Roadshow.
2:43: My legs are tired. Do I have to walk in the shadows?
2:50: Wouldn’t it just be easier to drive in the shadows?
2:56: We can take my car. I don’t mind.
3:01: Invisible Hernia Exam.
3:06: Arthritis affects 1 out of every 5 mystical druids.
3:16: Black candle provided by Tom G. Warrior’s Bath and Bodyworks. Come for the scents, stay for the “Ugh!”
3:27: Would “skipping in the shadows” be alright?
3:32: After all, you never see anyone being killed in a horror movie while skipping.
3:38: Or moonwalking.
3:47: Looks like he’s taking a whole lot of that guitar in his hands.
3:59: Steve Grimmet’s Drummer’s Facial Expressions.
4:04: Dude! You looked back!
4:12: “Hi, I’m Todd. I’ll be your Reaper today. Can I start you off with something to drink?”
4:18: Death. It’s what’s for dinner.

Steve Grimmet’s Grim Reaper’s Walking In The Shadows is out now via Dissonance Productions.

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