Moonstrux – Crush Kill ‘n Destroy: A Video Breakdown


Three ‘strux and you’re out!

Who’s a Moonstrux? What’s a Moonstrux? Let’s see what their biography has to say.

During the Great War world was split in two. To the reality we know and “the other side”. No one really understood why and how it happened. Most people thought it was an act of God to end the war and some people thought it was an unexpected consequense caused by a new type of weapon. In the end, no one really gave shit. It was time to build a new world without our deformed brothers and sisters. The only link between the worlds were the possessed; people with telepathic connection to the infected ones on “the other side”. In order to cut the unwanted connection, possessed were locked away and forgotten.Over time “the other side” was forgotten and it became a myth. A Spooky bedtime story for the kids.

“The other side” never forgot their brothers and sisters. They were not able to physically enter this world, but they had eyes and ears everywhere. People were brainwashed as slaves to cause mayhem, bands were converted to spread their word and form cults to make community stronger. Once we were normal people, but now, we are something else. We bring you stories in form of music from “the other side”. Follow the chapters, become a follower and join the cult.

We are Moonstrux.

Damn it. That doesn’t help. Okay, fine. Who are the band members?

Vocal/Guitar: MC Maggot
Bass: Still Man
Drums: Jackson

Balls. Still nothing. Well, we know they’re on Inverse Records because that’s the label hosting their new music video. Let’s check their artist list to learn more about Moonstrux.

Of course. This band is a mystery wrapped in an enigma smothered in nu-metal. Let’s watch their video to see if we can piece together some information.



Do you remember 1999? Moonstrux remembers.


Dr. Deductible is here for your copay.


The Bic pen doodles really bring out the redness of his eyes.


I see they purchased the Ronda Rousey model. Stiff and emotionless.


Seems kind of cruel to force an alien visitor to play in your nu-metal band.


There’s no way all three of them didn’t hump that mannequin at some point during the shoot.

Heeeeeeeere’s Awkward Bulge Johnny!


Is this love….that I’m feeling?


So, uh…you guys want to go to the mall or something?


Moonstrux’s album will presumably be out at some point in time. Maybe it will have a name. I’m not sure. It’s like the don’t want to give people useful information for some reason. Hmmmm.

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