Riff Of The Week: 2nd Album, 2nd Track Edition


Riffs from Iced Earth, Nevermore, Unexpect, Disentomb, Night Demon, and Rorschach.

Last week we held a battle royale free-for-all kinda thing to kick off 2020. Megachiles kicked the arse out of the competition with about 40% of the total vote, look at this shit.

This week I asked for riffs from the 2nd song of a band’s 2nd album
Here’s what you sent in…

Unexpect “Rooted Shadows” (Riff @ 1:43)

Those of you not familiar with this extinct Quebecois group are going to be pleased. Very few bands have this kind of ability to fuse insane time signatures with beautiful melodies. The result is a sound that both familiar yet wholly unique. Cast your vote in French.

Iced Earth – “Stormrider” (Riff @ 2:45)

This whole song absolutely rips and is a perfect example of why Jon Schaffer’s right hand is worshipped as a primary deity in many parts of the world. Iced Earth may be only a shadow of the band they once were, but we’ll always have those first seven (yes, seven) albums.
[Lizard Note: Iced Earth haven’t made an album this century]

Night Demon – ‘Hallowed Ground’ (Riff @ 0:21)

Not the only good riff in this song, but the one that immediately stands out.

Nevermore – ‘This Sacrament’ (Riff @ 0:22)

Jeff Loomis is god. Early Nevermore is pretty great. Main riff at 0:22, repeats throughout.

Heavy Chettle
Rorschach – ‘In Ruins’ (Riff @ 0:00)

Let’s take this comparably easy-going Slayerism that opens the track (not even the best on this manic, idea-ridden masterpiece). Stick around for the Sabbathian-via-frantic-noise rock section before the speed frenzy kicks in again.

Disentomb – ‘An Edifice Of Archbestial Impurity’ (Riff @ 0:00)

Didn’t have one in mind for this theme but the local lads in Disentomb should see me though. Hit play wherever, there’ll be some some insane bullshit going on. Little known fact: the album cover depicts my country right now.

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