Let’s Enjoy These Awesome Metal Renditions On Piano


Shit’s rill classy liek.

A page I’ve been following for a while now just uploaded another killer metal piano cover and I figured fuck it, it’s Friday, let’s just jam a few of these and appreciate the sounds of some of our fave bands transposed to the keys. Brutal Keys is ran by two brothers named Jordan and Tommy Bonnevialle, whose skill is equally matched by their taste in siqq songs.

Now, I’ve stumbled across quite a few talented people over the years who’ve attempted metal songs on the piano/keyboard, with varying degrees of success. Most of the time when it doesn’t quite work it’s not so much to do with the artist’s inability to play the songs but rather the song choice(s) themselves. Transposing distorted dissonant cacophony to an instrument which is not typically conducive to such sounds, and have it work well (especially without the backing of percussion and bass) is not as simple as just tabbing it out and hitting the notes. Whodathunkit?

Anyway, here are some stunners from their collection so far –

Their huge effort on the opening track from Colored Sands drew the big thumbs up from known string-strokers Gorguts themselves.

An A+ Artificial Brain showing. This track tranposed incredibly well in my opinion.

This elegant cover of Revocation‘s ‘Of Unwordly Origin’ from their ripping new record.

Yesterday’s upload was a furious rendition of Ulcerate‘s ‘Withered And Obsolete’ from 2009’s incredible Everything Is Fire.

A song from my longtime personal fave riffsman Joe Haley of Psycroptic.

An older and shreddier cut from phrygian firebrands Nile.

Neoclassical beast mode on a First Fragment track.

And finally a take on the track ‘Tetrastructural Minds’ off Vektor‘s peak album (You heard, Terminal Recux).

There’s also a heap of other techy ones from earlier on in the page’s life mostly from Revocation, Archspire, and Aborted etc. So go on a check those out if you dig this kind of thing.

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