Flush it Friday: Rill Big Sword


His name is Dangus III, and he’s not compensating for anything. As a matter of fact, his Endurance stat is very high, thank you very much.

Listens to the new Obsequiae once

His business is Gitting Gud©, and business is…bad; I’ve recently discovered my love for games where I only make progress after hours of suffering for every upgrade or defeated boss. They’re called Soulslikes (after the popular Dark Souls franchise) and they’ve turned me into something of a masochist. For a break from the crucible of constant deaths, let’s do something easy—I present to you some highlights from this week.

Brandon Corsair went to Hell and back in his interview with Michael Denner (Denner’s Inferno, ex-Mercyful Fate).

Enter The Inferno: An Interview w/ Michael Denner

Leif Bearikson and Lacertilian brought riffs, raffs and a disappointing lack of mutant carrots to the latest ‘sode of their podcast.

Riff-Raff Podcast: Ep.38 – Harpcore 2-Step

Hans dumped some bumps and reminded us to grind in his latest edition of Bump ‘n’ Grind.

Bump ‘n’ Grind – Less Grind, More Bump

McNulty instructed us on the best way to summon the void that is Portal into our very own living rooms.

Vinyl VVednesday: What Is Some Good Hardware For Listening to Portal?

Y’all play any frustrating (yet rewarding) games? Time2shitpost my friends. Give me them G/B/Us in the comments!

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