Premiere: Phylactery – “Eyes Of Fear And Flame”


Phylactery‘s debut conjures the magic of primitive thrash, and is sure to please fans of (early) Skeletonwitch, Nocturnal, and (late) beer. Today we’ve got an exclusive track premiere for you to jam while you polish your bullet belt and finish adding that last patch to your faded battle jacket.

Ever get the feeling you aren’t one of the first to find out about that upcoming BBQ, beer, and fire night at your mate’s house? That’s probably because you don’t listen to enough raw thrash. Stuck in your ever-deepening ditch of dire dichotomy, arguing about whether or not pineapple belongs in your now nearly homogenous diet of pizza thrash, you neglect to consider the fundamental point of interest. The very thing that brought you to the party to begin with. Prior to pretence showing up with that expensive pâté and a bottle of lambic framboise, and well before the swathes of ingrate delinquents gate-crashed the place, a bunch of you would regularly drink cheap beer, talk shit and bang your heads to the sounds of people just like you riffing-the-fuck-out with the bare essentials. No gimmicks. No bullshit. No fancy effects. Just metal. On their debut album Necromancy Enthroned, Canadian trio Phylactery are taking thrash back to that primordial form. And it’s pure revelry.

Throughout the 11 tracks Phylactery distil death and titrate thrash until the mix is redolent of the sounds created during the period in time when the two genres were yet to separate into their own distinct entities. The raw guitar tones, raspy vocals and reverberating drum sounds perfectly compliment the songwriting style. While the proto-black metal influence isn’t quite as prominent as it is with comparable acts such as Throaat, there is still a prevailing sinister undercurrent that keeps the overall vibe from ever feeling too comfortable. Having signed to our good friends over at Unspeakable Axe Records (TovH Interview) for this release, the band join the ranks among some of the rowdiest up-and-coming thrashers in the scene these days and would fit perfectly on a tour with HellishRipper, BesiegedMaligner, and co. Somebody make that happen.

Juuuuust before you decide whether or not to get the digital or physical copy of this album, I want to remind you that the cover art is yet another goddamn masterpiece from the staunchest mothertucking-shirt legend Paolo Girardi. And let’s face it, before the days of internet previews, you’d almost certainly drop a tenner picking up this album from the record store just based on the giant switch-wielding hellgoat on the cover alone.

Pre-order your copy of Necromancy Enthroned from the Unspeakable Axe Records webstore or from their Bandcamp page. Also, send the band the Toilet’s regards over on their Facebook page.

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