Flush it Friday: Work Sucks, Here’s an Axolotl


Oh dear sweet Jesus it’s finally Friday afternoon.

Axolotls are a variety of salamanders found in Mexico. As you will notice, they are extremely cute. Unfortunately, they are also critically endangered just like most *checks notes* most living things on Earth. I, like you, enjoy looking at pictures of good and nice animals while I’m at work because it serves as a nice distraction from the pain of working a stressful and soul-crushing job. It’s a bright spot in an otherwise dreary day. Just thinking out loud here, but I bet we could all spend more time looking at good animals by walking out the door right now and never, ever going back to work again. They can’t fire us all if we all do it.

Anyway, here are the highlights of the week.

There are only 8 entries remaining in the battle for cover art supremacy. Cast your vote now.

Album Art ov the Century Tournament: The Semi-Finals

This week’s podcast featured a number of goofy voices and/or sound effects (as all good podcasts have).

Toilet Radio 170: Conspiracy Theories & Black Metal Ninnies

Tech Death Thursday covered a tech death band that I, a non-tech death enjoyer, greatly enjoyed.

Tech Death Thursday: Equipoise – Demiurgus

BW interviewed Dave Boyd of kick ass heavy metal band Twisted Tour Dire

An Interview with Dave Boyd from Twisted Tower Dire

Rolderathis went behind the boards with Toilet Bro and audio pro Matt Roach.

The Vanguard of Vancouver – An Interview with Matt Roach of Rain City Recorders

Finally, listen to Hate Inclination. Shit whips sack.

Brutal Premiere: Hate Inclination – “Sicker and Sicker”

That’s it for me. The floor is yours.

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