Tender Sadness – Chaos: A Video Breakdown


Chicken Tender Sadness. There, I said it and got it out of the way.

On a budget? Don’t have an empty warehouse to shoot your music video? Wander around the woods! Too boring? Throw some filters over your video! French duo Tender Sadness knows the score.



Cause she’s one step closer to the edge
And she’s about to break!


Me when I look in the fridge knowing full well there’s nothing to eat in there.


So nice that he decided to get dressed up for the video.


This is why you don’t feed your cameraman turkey and wine before you film.


Easy with the dance moves back there, MC Hammer.


Gotta squeeze every ounce out of that free trial of Adobe Premier Pro.


Anyone else suddenly taste a negative filter?


His groove moves more than make up for his lack of amp, cables, or sleeves.

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