Metal Art Abominations Is the Best Page on Facebook


Move over, Minimalist awful album art on ms paint and also avant garde haikus. There’s a new sheriff in town.

Facebook is a barren wasteland of terrible memes, high school friends who never left their home towns trying to hock body wraps and detox diets, and fringe extremists misquoting Duck Dynasty characters to settle political debates. Aside from the odd post from you Flushers and the adorable baby pictures, it’s enough to make any man consider leaving the comforting glow of his warm computer to brave the hard, global-warming racked chaos of Earth’s weather system.


But, there is a light shining in the darkness. As I looked upon the leagues of endless digital sand stretching before me, realizing that I truly had seen fear in a handful of dust, I saw a shimmering light upon the horizon. As I braved the wind storm to reach the vanishing point, I discovered a bountiful fertile crescent of terrible MS Paint [Edit: turns out it’s all from smart phone paint apps, so basically fingerpainting] art. That halcyon oasis? Metal Art Abominations.

You see, while we’ve all been busy swapping dong picks and depressed dolphins, some true visionaries have been tortuously slaving over a hot mouse and keyboard to bring you priceless, aesthetically pure versions of your favorite album covers. But don’t take my word for it. Gaze upon some fine samples below.




Oh, are these covers too pedestrian for your refined palate? Perhaps you’ll enjoy some of these more trve and kvlt classics.




My favorite in this essential collection, though, is undoubtedly this fine image of Irkallian Oracle‘s Grave Ekstasis. Truly, I have seen the top of the mountain, and it is good.


Take a few minutes to explore all the masterpieces in the gallery. Share with us what rare Rembrandts you’ve unearthed. Perhaps some of you will even be inspired to take up your MS Paint-brushes or smart phone finger paints and become the next Goya.

(All photos VIA except the cover VIA)

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