Toilet Radio 178: The Toilet Meets Baroness


Believe it or not, this is freaking special one. Papa Joe ain’t quite home yet, so Crowdkiller Extraordinaire 365 DAYS OF HORROR and the Prodigal Son of Slam himself, BRENOCIDE met up in Worcester, MA to sneak on a tribal-tattoo covered tour bus in order to interview Baroness frontman John Dyer Baizley as well as drummer Sebastian Thomson. We talk their co-headlining tour with Deafheaven, their new album Gold & Grey, reactionary beer flavors, and how they left a major guitar amplifier endorsement deal on the table with their latest choice in album color. It is an incredible interview with two amazing fellas, I’m stoked for y’all to hear it.

And of course since Joe ain’t back yet, we continue the goofballery: owning the libs with a Dying Fetus-centric meme of an intro, forcing 365 to down yet another foreign beverage, gushing about how great Zeal & Ardor, Deafheaven and Baroness were live, how you should shut yer fucking trap during band’s sets and most importantly, mad Twitter beef.

Lastly, will Joe get his revenge for being felled at the last episode’s start, after training at the brink of death for half a month in the Land of the Rising Sun? You’ll have to listen to this whole Hell Ov a ‘sode to find out.

Baroness –Seasons from Gold & Grey

Galneryus (JAPAN) –Hunting For Your Dream from Angel of Salvation

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(Photo credit: Ross Halfin)

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