Lost Breed feat. Wino – Cradle To The Grave: A Video Breakdown


Sadly not an ode to the Jet Li/DMX movie.

Scott “Wino” Weinrich has been making music for over thirty years. You may know him from his time in The Obsessed or Saint Vitus. Maybe you know him from Shrinebuilder or Spirit Caravan or even eponymous band Wino. Heck, maybe you’re more familiar with his guest appearance on Dave Grohl’s Probot. While all those bands and projects have carved out their name in the metal world, you may not be familiar with one of his other bands, Lost Breed.

Lost Breed are a doom/stoner band from California. Wino provided vocals for their 1989 demo titled Wino Daze and that’s about it. The band continued on with a couple of albums and compilations before calling it quits. That is, until now as the band is back with Wino in tow. By the looks of their new music video, they’re bringing 1989 video technology along with their 1989 sound. Let’s break it down.


This is what Joel Grind sees when he closes his eyes.


It’s cool that the “Make Your Own Music Video At Your Sweet 16” company was available.


It’s a little glitchy, dog.


Where every black metal dork named something like Dagon Goathammer on Facebook says they’re from.


All we need is an alien and we’ve got ourselves a Blood Incantation video.


Whoa, where are those rockets coming from, buddy?


Me when I go to Tropical Smoothie Cafe.


In lieu of an obituary, please play this .gif to announce my death.


Climate change is so bad that hurricanes now crop out the top of your head.


Changed my mind. This is how I want my death announced.


I can’t find any information for an upcoming release, but please enjoy Lost Breed’s other music videos.


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