Riff Of The Week: Wind Edition


Riffs from Spectral Voice, Hail Of Bullets, Crystal Age, Division Speed, Anvil, Castle Freak, Deivos, and Winds Of Leng. Who gets you gassy?

Last week was a May Free-For All. Our dino-lords in Thecodontion took home the prize with extreme ease. Good shit.

This week’s theme was Wind
Let’s see what you sent in…

Iron Goddess of Mercy
Spectral Voice – “Ineffable Winds” (Riff @ 2:27)

Unlike the winds, power is not ineffable. It is plain-faced and obvious. There is no need for conspiracy theories when West Point valedictorians possess so much control. Exercise your own ineffable power by voting against me because I didn’t choose the riff at 3:41. Namaste. <3

Rodney Hampton
Anvil – ‘Free As The Wind’ (Riff @ 0:47)

The band Anvil doesn’t get enough credit for writing good riffs. The riffs in the beginning of this song kick butt.

Castle Freak – ‘Toxic Winds’ (Riff @ 0:02)

Had no idea what to submit, but was confident one of my acquisitions from May 1st would provide something. And lo, here’s Castle Freak with a hella sleazy riff.

Division Speed – ‘Snowstorm over Narvik’ (Riff @ 0:30)

Granted there are a few riffs in there, but this one always gets me pumped. This is thrash metal done right.

Hail Of Bullets – ‘Strategy of Attrition’ (Riff @ 0:04)

On Divine Winds was never going to match …Of Frost and War. But there are still plenty of juicy riffs on this album, especially this one.

Deivos – ‘Nuclear Wind’ (Riff @ 0:00)

Actuall riff starts at 0:34. But it is imperative that you listen to that intro as it cements Deivos status as the “Kings of Fever Removing Apparatus’.

Winds of Leng – “The Colour” (Riff @ 0:57)

I like when WoL goes fast like Sonic. The riff & the vokills link up quite noicely for some melodic death merol gudness.

Crystal Age – ‘Act II: Being Lead Astray – Windwalker’ (Riff @ 0:00)

Still feel like half the proggy-spacetech stuff that’s been the flavour of the month past few years owes a huge debt of gratitude to this album which (we’re yet to see materialise). Extremely undermentioned pioneering record from 1995.

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