Flush it Friday: Prions Are Scary


I’d heard of prions before—those misfolded proteins that act as pathogens causing human disease—but was unaware of Kuru until I picked up a book on mankind’s history with our most ancient enemies. Kuru is spread by funerary cannibalism, in which members of the Fore people of Papua New Guinea cook and eat the remains of their dead in order to release their spirits; prions are particularly dense in brain matter, and transmission occurred as this organ was ingested. This disease is always fatal, and has a number of bizarre symptoms, such as uncontrollable bursts of laughter, and has an absurdly long incubation period of anywhere from 10 to 50+ years. It’s thought that (due to Australia’s outlawing of cannibalism) the last known person infected with the disease passed away in the late aughts. Prions are scary.

365 Days of Horror was properly pricked by this Thorny premiere:

Lyric Video Premiere: Thorn – Sapien Death Spiral

Jimmy McNulty was shaken to his core by the seismic shock of this 3rd War Collapse premiere:

Song/Video Premiere: 3rd War Collapse – “Catastrophic Epicenter”

Badger Chibo smashed us all in the face with a blunt instrument of analysis, describing the greatest death metal song of all time:

A Psychological Wrestling Match with the Greatest Death Metal Song of All Time

Reliquary Tower spoke with Nostalghia on the minutiae of bedroom black metal:

Interview: Nostalghia

Had you heard of prions? What’s the wildest disease you know of? Tell me about it along with your G/B/Us below! ~<3 Roldy

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