MSD & Friends’ Riff of the Week: Movie Night (10/4/14)


Look, last week was a tie.

My Candlemass and Max’s Annihilator got 10 votes each. I entertained the idea of being a good guy and just giving Max the win. That lasted for about two seconds because fuck that. I win. Better luck next time, nerd.

Moving forward. Unless you’re a total dork that doesn’t actually read the posts, you’re aware that this week has a theme brought to you by Joe Himself. His imperial decree was that this week’s riff selection would consist of “the siqqest movie samples + opening blasts.” And so it shall be. But first, read this!

  • Next week, RIFF OF THE WEEK will be replaced by SOLO OF THE WEEK.
  • The Rule still applies — no Maiden, cheaters!
  • If you want to submit a solo, email


Masterlord SteelDragon

The clip is from 2001: A Space Odyssey and it runs right up to a riff made of infinite gravitons. Legend has it that it was formed in pitchblack void when a black hole devoured a second black hole, which in turn devoured the first black hole from the inside-out, beyond the event horizon. Start it at 1:22.


Joe Thrashnkill




The audio clip of Kevin Spacey talking about desire and value establishes an emotional backdrop throughout the duration of this song, and the brass arrangements and gentle lilting strings accentuate the feeling of alienation. This reaches a climax as the piano line gradually accelerates until it reaches a thundering crescendo before the metal riff rolls in with a triumphant roar and blast. The Ocean and Mr. Spacey release you into the winds of change in a truly cathartic fashion.


Leif Bearikson

I am an unabashed Alien fanboy. I enjoy everything in the franchise, but on different levels. Alien Resurrection falls into the “so bad it’s amazing” category. I am also a Ron Perlman fanboy, but because everything he does is fucking gold. SO it only makes sense to select a song that features Ron Pearlman’s best line from the Alien movie everyone loves to hate. It doesn’t hurt that the song is by cinematic grind masters Graf Orlock. Jam it and let it compute.



Brain Famine was featured on one of our Flush Fridays, and I have no qualms about bringing them back. This tune kicks off with a frantically awesome Jeff Goldblum quote from The Fly, and then we dive right into one of the most satisfyingly rockin’ death metal riffs out there. Never in my life have I wanted to be bald, have a huge beard, wear a denim vest, and stomp around in a circle more than during opening riff after that quote. And the best part is that their album is a free download! Follow the Bandcamp link below.


Edward Meehan/Moshoff (submitted the same riff/should get married)

Edward Meehan: “the siqqest movie sample + opening blast”? This should be the only sample/riff combo submitted. Starts almost immediately.

MoshOff: A wise man once told me to shut up and listen to None So Vile. If you don’t vote for me, Lord Worm will eat you miserable worms from His goblet.


Howard Dean

Patton and Skinless. A match made by bayonet.



I can’t think of a better sample or opening to a metal album than this. Ever. Two words is all it takes to sum up listening to this classic and massively underrated band.


Randall Thor

I have failed power metal and am a total loser because I didn’t provide MSD with a description.



I’m pretty sure there’s gonna be about five other people who nominate this before me – I get the impression the challenge was conceived with exactly this in mind – but I’ll nominate it anyway and hope for the best:

Movie: The Plague Dogs (1982, animated drama)
Band: Brutal Truth
Song: “Walking Corpse” (1992, grindcore)

It’s a travesty that I couldn’t find a high-definition version on Tube of You.


Jack Bauer

This is sick as hell and it makes me want to run people off the road.


Cock ov Steele

I don’t know what movie this sample is from, but dat riff. Starting right off the bat it gives me the impression that a horde of stoned, demonic zombies are making their way to whatever stoned demon zombies do.



The intro of NIN’s “Reptile” is a looped sample from the 1989 film Leviathan, which gives way at 0:58 to a stomping, mechanical riff that will be the perfect soundtrack for the inevitable robot apocalypse of the near future. The song also contains a sample from the original The Texas Chain Saw Massacre at 5:05.


Dr. Derelict

Sickest movie sample + opening blast? Easy. (0:00 – 2:15) The entire first song, “Dechristianize,” is RotW-worthy (especially the riff introduced by the transition that starts around 4:20). “Devoured Elysium” (starts at 17:13) should also be entered in entirety. It’s what Satan jams to get pumped before rugby matches, and it contains the meanest riff on this album (around 20:44).


Johnny Crunch

Alright then, the samples just sneak in there at about 4:25. This riff is one of my all time faves from the doom metal masters and the accompanying video shows Lee Dorian having a ball and not giving a fuck. Don’t know what he’s doing dancing with Diana Ross, though.


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