Riff Of The Week: Elemental Edition


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Before we get to today’s riffs, let’s take a look at the results from last week’s New Edition. Seems Jimmyboy pulled a number and had everyone hailing the new flesh with an old SYL cut.

Now let’s see what you’ve put on the table for this week…

Meshuggah – ‘I’ (Riff @ 10:32)

I: Iodine, the heaviest of the stable halogens, and as we all know : ” The name “halogen” means “salt-producing”. ” Now this is only fitting knowing that the band would end up creating everybody’s (not so) favorite djenre that made and still makes quite a few people salty.
The element is mentionned 15 times throughout the song and also opens and closes the song with it being the first and last word.
On a closing note :”Because of the specificity of its uptake by the human body, radioactive isotopes of iodine can also be used to treat thyroid cancer.”, I highly advise you guys to listen to your daily dose of Meshuggah if you don’t wanna get cancer.

(All info taken from wiki, I know absolutely nothing about this stuff.)

Heavy Chettle
Jute Gyte – ‘Mice Eating Gold’ (Riff @ 0:42)

While I’m not counting on winning with this riff, it’s certainly enough to make you sick (shoulda/coulda submitted it in the seasick edition…) and for Jute Gyte it’s practically a straightforward proposition (chug–> chug–>vomit inducing dissonance–> repeat) riffwise. While it’s fantastic, of course, I’d also have loved to submit JG’s awesomely titled “Your Blood and Soil is Piss and Shit” which would have been possible had the four “elements” (Earth, fire ect.) been allowed, too. But this does the trick nicely, also the riff starts at 0:42 which makes it very meaningful, too.

Grand Magus – ‘Iron Will’ (Riff @ 0:18)

You know, I started digging through all of the “silver” and “iron” tracks I could think of in my usual collection, trying for something unique, but fuck it. Our illustrious Dubya has moved on from this mortal (well, virtual) coil, and he once told me this was one of his favourite epic/doom tracks, an appreciation we share. So even though I probably submitted it in years past, I dedicate this to W. Epic, ball-crushing riff begins at 0:18 and continues throughout. My favourite gym hype tune–the chug literally sounds like Fe.

Dischordia – ‘Radioactive Iodine 121’ (Riff @ 4:27)

Figured there would be lots of iron, plutonium, etc., so looked for something different. I genuinely found a song called darmstadtium but it wasn’t metal so I had to settle for this song by a bunch of poseurs from OKC. I’ve used iodine 125 before in my research and that shit’s nasty. I-121 is not as bad, but that’s like saying Chlamydia isn’t as bad as Gonorrhea. Anyway, this riff is chugtastic, so pull on yer lead underpants and get dischcordant!

Motorhead – ‘Iron Horse/Born To Lose’ (Riff @ 0:00)

Iron- Fe #26
Lemmy- GoD #1.

Andrey Tkachenko
Code – ‘Radium’ (Riff @ 01:00)

One of the things I love about the first Code album is that the bass often drives the riff forward while the guitars fill in the remaining spectrum, rather than the other way around. The verse riff from Radium is a decent example of this. This was the album that got me into black metal, and I still think it’s amazing and extremely underrated.

Iron Goddess of Mercy
Floor – “Iron Girl” (Riff @ 0:00)

Once, at a Floor show in Gainesville, FL, I asked Steve Brooks to sign a cock ring I bought for $0.75 from one of those gas station restroom sex-goodies machines. He, if you can believe it, declined. Anyways, this is my favourite song from my top-three (often top-two, sometimes top-one) album of all time. (The album version is a little more molasses-soaked, but I was at this show, so that’s fun.)

Ian Rigg
The Black Dahlia Murder – ‘Carbonized in Cruciform’ (Riff @ 2:45)

I think carbonized is what happened to Han Solo. Whatever it may be this riff is one of my favorites by tbdm. The Ryan Knight albums are my favorite because of these kind of riffs. This sounds extremely difficult, but a friend who plays guitar told me it’s “just some pull offs”. Either way my simple ass is impressed.

Black Fast – ‘Tongues Of Silver’ (Riff @ 0:00)

Simply bitchin.

Onryō – ‘Sickness And Aluminium Foil Helmets’ (Riff @ 0:39)

Get our your IUPAC guide and say it with me Seppos.

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