Need Advice? Submit Your Questions to Cat Jones


Here’s your chance to get your troubles solved (or at least addressed) by everyone’s favorite left-coast metalhead, Cat Jones.

Advice. Everyone needs it. Some of us are too shy to ask, some of us are too stupid to follow it. For next week’s episode of Toilet Radio, we’re gonna be joined by Talking After Midnight advice maven and all around Rad Lady, Cat Jones. She has graciously agreed to take your questions about etiquette, relationships, heavy metal, and all other confusing subjects to discuss them with us on the next podcast. Wondering what to do with your life after getting kicked out of your sludge band? Unsure how to discuss death metal logos with curious strangers? Need to decide between purchasing a Lambo or a ‘Rari? We’ve got you covered.

Shoot us an email at with the subject line: HELP ME CAT

If it’s not too stupid we’ll answer your query on the next podcast. It’s a confusing world. Good luck, everybody.

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