Toilet Radio 225: Alterbatushka


It’s Wednesday, my dudes. Hump daaay. I wager that’s a call for a celebration! Whether that celebration materializes in booty pic uploads, a roll in the sack with the bed mate of your choosing, or a reference to a Vine or car insurance commercial too old to still recycle, I hope the next half of your week is superior to your first.

And shit, what better way to ensure the improved quality of your remaining week days, than with some Grade A Quality BEEF? We’re discussing the boys from Alterbeast laying it out on Facebook just what a dickscab their guitarist was to them. We got Phil Labonte accusing the CT State Police of playing favorites in murder investigations, Dragged Into Sunlight getting the perceived shaft from Prosthetic Records and happy to let the world know about it. Boy howdy I can hear the grill sizzle from here.

And who’s been invited to this proverbial bad mouthing barbecue? Why it’s Quintessential Stud Muffin and Moshpit Man Handler Extraordinaire, 365 Days of Horror. And in the corner weighing in at approximately 70,000 Tons of Metal it’s today’s host with the roast, Breno-“Don’t Ever Trap Me On a Boat With All Those Smelly Chudlords”-Cide. Haters are cruising for a losing if they miss this very good episode.

Music featured on this show:
Kvelertak – “Crack of Doom feat. Troy Sanders” from Splid

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