New Music Roundup: WEEDEATER, Royal Thunder, Georges from Nile & Rotting Christ, Tau Cross & more!


From the depths of the sea, back to the block
Smooth brother Dagon, new music d-d-don’t stop

In case you have not noticed, I am a terrible rapper. I am even more inept at changing lyrics to already existing raps. Thankfully, not all things are atrocities. In fact, the new songs I am about to present are far from bad. They are very good. These will be the songs you will find yourself jamming the whole weekend. And then some.

First, a formal apology to Snoop Dogg for the previous embarrassment. Weedeater put out a new track. You can listen to it and get informed about their new album Goliath over at Noisey. “Cain Enabler” has the band’s blueprint all over – the guitar tone, cadence, the unique voice of Dixie Dave – it’s all there oozing that seaweed charisma.


Despite their name, Red Mess put out an EP that sounds “green”. Sticky-icky green, that is. The production is retro-excellence: fuzz, no clicky-drum bullshit and a delicious bass sound. I get awesome SleepBlack Sabbath and even Motörhead vibes from this. Seriously. The track “Ready To Go”, which you can listen to below, features a main riff that sounds like it wouldn’t be out of place in a speed metal song if it was, well, sped up. It sounds like a big black chopper running on sour diesel. Drowning Red was put out on 3/24, and is available at name your price on Bandcamp.

One of my favorite EPs from 2014 was Wild Throne‘s Blood Maker. Since then, they have signed with Roadrunner Records and are set to release their label debut Harvest of Darkness. To those unfamiliar with the trio – imagine a progressive opera-rock played with big, burly Mastodon riffs, complemented by soulful solos and melodic singing that reminds me of The Dillinger Escape Plan‘s Greg Puciato when he is not screaming. Interested? Check the Ophthalmology inspired visuals for “War Is A Romance” by stabbing the YouTube clip below.

Also on the 24th, Royal Thunder premiered a track by way of High Times. They have been releasing new songs daily on different blogs, but this one has been my favorite so far. It’s bombastic, featuring lots of melody, quiet-loud dynamics and interplay between clean and overdriven guitar tone. I would say people who enjoyed Baroness‘ last record, Yellow & Green, will be pleased by “The Line”. I know I was. It is not as brilliant (Baroness fan boy reporting for duty) but it stroke a similar chord. Their new album Crooked Doors will be out via Relapse Records on April 7th.

If I told you two greek dudes who are both named George gave me a boner, how would you feel? That’s exactly what happened when I heard “Shall Rise/Shall Be Dead”, a track from George Kollias (Nile‘s drummer) new solo album. It features George Emmanuel, guitarist for Rotting Christ, and it’s killer. To be honest, I did not know this project was in the works, but Invictus is set for a May 19th release via Season of Mist. This is better than Viagra. Listen to the track on Lambgoat.

Okay boys, it’s time to let the grown ups work. There is not a single metal release I am looking forward to more than Tau Cross‘ self-titled. This band is comprised by guitarists Jon Misery (Misery) and Andy Lefton (WAR//PLAGUE); drummer Michael “Away” Langevin from fucking Voivod and Rob “The Baron” Miller from fucking Amebix. Excuse my french. Pardon, but one does not simply curb their enthusiasm when there’s Voivod and Amebix in the same sentence. The first track from this promising release is out. “Lazarus” (post) punks, thrashes and rocks with the best of them. It’s good to see that Rob’s voice has barely changed. This song gets a FIVE ALL DAY, SON.

Here is a short list of why you should listen to this:

  • Amebix
  • Voivod
  • Amebix + Voivod

Dubya said they sound like a slightly harder Motörhead. I say “YOU SHALL NOT BUY ME WITH THESE LIES – I AM ALIVE, I AM ALIIIIVE”.

The take away message is: listen to Tau Cross. You do not want to find Piranhas Assassinas in your bathtub. You do not want the wrath of the oceans coming after your ass next time you sit in the Toilet.

Best believe I control that water too, fam.

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