Premiere: Get Hella Bent with Hell Bent


Then proceed to Get High On Hybrids.

In honour of the return of SRIHKAL, let’s get chemical: What is the result of a reaction between veteran members of various death, thrash, grind and powerviolence bands who get together to just hang loose and play whatever they feel like? Please show your work.

Or save yourself the work and use this handy cheat sheet in the form of a Toilet Premiere. Hell Bent expertly demonstrate what the above concoction is most likely to sound like. Blast beats? D-beats? Thrashing metal riffage? A singer that sounds like his vocal chords are coated in piss and vinegar? Yes to all of that. Throw in some crust attitude and you have yourself a powerful exothermic reaction – in layman’s terms, this stuff is straight fire.

Hell Bent’s first batch of their breed of thrash, grind and crust (the overall deranged intensity of which reminds me a bit of Tainted Dickmen, and that can’t not be a good thing) will be available digitally and on cassette tomorrow, January 12th. That’s a hell of a start for the weekend. The tape will also be available as a deluxe version with a patch and a sticker. Shweet!

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