Sunday Sesh: Super Bowl and Friends


Today, the United States’s annual professional football championship will be watched by approximately 170,000,000 viewers. Whether you’re one of those viewers or not, this is your Sunday Sesh to talk crap, eat tons of food, and, if you’d like, discuss foobawww. I’m just here for the gifs of Eagles fans going crazy in the streets.

For those of you who don’t live in the United States, this year’s Super Bowl, number LII (someone hasn’t read my treatise on roman numerals), is a match-up between the widely reviled New England Patriots and the lovable goofballs of the Philadelphia Eagles. It’s sure to be something.

The Patriots, the actual embodiment of evil, are going to win. Tom Brady is going to be given the MVP on account of his boyish good looks and that deal he made at the crossroads years ago. The streets of Philadelphia will run red with blood and Natty Lite. Don’t believe me? Check out these videos of Eagles fans celebrating during the playoff game.

Those greased poles won’t save us now.

This is your open space yo talk about food, football, Philly, how devastatingly handsome Tom Brady is… or music, I guess. Open Swim, y’all.

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