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Everybody’s favorite not-really-viking-but-melodeath-metal band Amon Amarth released a video for the song “At Dawn’s First Light from their upcoming Jomsviking, the band’s first actual concept album (about a jomsviking obviously. If you don’t know what they were shame on you; no really, this shit is taught in pre-school. They are group of vikings from Jomsborg who formed an independent mercenary order from the late 900’s to early 1000’s). Amon Amarth hasn’t exactly been known to reinvent themselves, but from the three released songs (see here) I got the feeling that for the first time since their early days, AA is actually going for a different style. The band hasn’t yet announced a permanent replacement to drummer Fredrik Andersson, but for the writing and recording of Jomsviking they enlisted the help of Tobias Gustaffson (Vomitory). Continuing in the fashion set by their last few albums, Jomsviking will feature a guest appearance by Doro Pesch.

You can now listen to the first song from Moonsorrow’s upcoming Jumalten Aika. It’s a bonus track that doesn’t appear on the regular edition of the album. Also a cover of a song that was not written by the band. A cover of Rotting Christ’s “Non Serviam, to be precise. It’s a fine mixture of new and old – the song is instantly recognizable, but doesn’t sound like a stretch from Moonsorrow’s own material. Stream it below, yo.

Oh yeah, They did actually release a new song of their own making as well. It’s called “Suden Tunti,” and it is the first ever Moonsorrow song to receive a video, in 2016, and they sing about the void – what more could you want? Also remarkable for being the band’s shortest song in 10+ years. Look for Jumalten Aika on April 1st. See tour dates here.

There’s a new deathgrind outfit called Asphalt Graves, and they’re going to release their debut The New Primitive later this year (at an undisclosed date). In the meantime you can take the chance to stream “Angst and Pain” from said album below. The group is composed of capable musicians, and if the song below is any indication, as long as the blogs don’t decide to beat the supergroup horse every heckin’ time (drummer Shannon Lucas, guitarist Adam Faris, vocalist Jason Netherton and bassist Brent Purgason have played in known bands before), they have good chance to overcome the hype created by the line-up.

Behexen will be releasing their new album The Poisonous Path on May 27th. “Mixed and mastered by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studio, The Poisonous Path, the aptly named, is a raging beast brutally animated by a strong and massive production. The riffing is abrasive, the atmosphere is mephitic and the melodiesare bewitching…” Track listing and cover art below, artwork by Kristiina Lehto.

Poisonous Path of Behexen

01. The Poisonous Path
02. The Wand Of Shadows
03. Cave Of The Dark Dreams
04. A Sword Of Promethean Fire
05. Umbra Luciferi
06. Tyrant Of Luminous Darkness
07. Chalice Of The Abyssal Water
08. Pentagram Of The Black Earth
09. Gallows Of Inversion
10. Rakkaudesta Saatanaan




  • Abbath has decided to release a video for the song “Winterbane” off of his new band’s debut.
  • Executioner off of Gloria Morti’s upcoming album Kuebiko has been given the video-treatment.
  • Destruction is going to release Under Attack on May 13th, and have released “Second To None for the hungry masses.
  • DevilDriver has released Daybreak from their upcoming Trust No One. Man, that is one ugly cover.
  • Mantar has released a new song, “Schwanenstein, off of their upcoming sophomore Ode To The Flame out on April 15th.
  • Give a spin to “Karate,” the new song by the world’s most predator-loved band Babymetal.
  • The drummer for In This Moment quit.
  • Red Moon Architect, whom I featured some time ago, have found a new vocalist in Ville Rutanen of The Final Harvest.
  • Slayer released a video for “You Against You.”
  • The Obsessed are back together, sort of. The band known formerly as Spirit Caravan will now be known as The Obsessed – and a new album is due soon.
  • You can go listen to a new Deftones track “Doomed User” here, while you await for the album to drop (the ball?).
  • Animals As Leaders are entering the studio to record their fourth album.
  • Sleep of Monster released a new song, “Golden Bough.” 
  • A member of Warfist was arrested while wearing a bullet belt at a gig, for “carrying ammunition” and given a two-year suspended sentence.
  • Tarja Turunen will release The Shadow Self  – “her heaviest album to date” on August 5th.
  • Check out this video for Blaze Bailey’s “Human.”
  • Convctions had the van stolen after South By So What fest and now have a GoFundMe.
  • After a very long time, true BLACK DAWN will be releasing a new album; read W.T.C Production’s long and informative post about it here.
  • Ever wondered what it would sound like if Mike LePond of Symphony X and Kevin Talley of Suffocation founded a band together? Now you know. Very Kind Diamond-ey.
  • Läjä Äijälä has confirmed Terveet Kädet is absolutely done. The talk of a new album was early and nothing was yet recorded, leaving Lapin Helvetti as the band’s final release. Läjä will be focusing on his other (very different) musical projects including, but not limited to The Kolmas, Leo Bugariloves and The Sultans.
  • Swallow The Sun will embark on a North-American tour with Dark Tranquillity, Enforcer and Starkill in Nov-Dec. See the dates here.
  • Magrudergrind is going to tour the US with Yautja and Dropdead. Dates below:



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