Riff Of The Week: Chilean Edition


Votar o morir!

Before we get to today’s riffs, let’s take a look at the results from last week’s Under The Sea Edition. The demersal dimension distorting death dudes in Sulphur Aeon crushed the competition under their considerable weight, eventually taking the trophy with a titanic win.

This week we asked for riffs from Chile.
Here’s what you sent in…

Chico Trujillo – “La Escoba” (Riff @ 0:00)

Long time listener, first time caller – when I saw this week’s theme I couldn’t resist. While there’s a lot of great Chilean bands/artists (Los Jaivas, Inti Illimani, Victor Jara, Ana Tijoux, just to name a few), I must admit I’ve yet to hear much metal from Chile that I find that exciting (but I hope to change that!). Anyway, just listen to this song (and the riff underneath): doesn’t it make you want to party and have a good time?

Iron Goddess of Mercy
Thornafire – “La Siepre” (Riff @ 0:31)

The main riff of this bad mamajama is a sweet one. In fact, all the riffs on this track are sweet. (Thornafire can really Chile them down. [I’m so sorry.]) I’m not sure the rest of the album (released in 2014) rips/whips/knocks/bangs as hard as this song, but it’s nevertheless been a fun discovery thanks to the T.O. 2019 Sampler. <3

Ripper – ‘Anatomy Of The Galaxies’ (Riff @ 0:22)

Damn. Didn’t think I’d have to submit this week with such a broad easy-mode theme for you all to run with. If we only have 1 or 2 riff submissions next week we might just put this shit to bed. Anyway, I was listening to Ripper again last week getting psych’d at the prospect of potential new material from them later this year.

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