The 20 Most Popular Toilet ov Hell Posts of 2017


More people visited Toilet ov Hell in 2017 than any previous year in our humble existence as a shit fetish blog with occasional metal reviews. Seeing this site grow and blossom has filled me with a sense of… what is it? It’s not joy. It’s certainly not humility. No, I’m filled with a sense of smug satisfaction. FINALLY. It’s about time you faceless internet goons started taking notice of our dynamite content. Week after week the Toilet ov Hell produces insightful metal reviews, noteworthy metal news, hilarious commentary, and a dope ass podcast. Allow me to brag on this site and our wonderful writers by presenting the 20 Toilet-y things you all most loved in 2017.

20. 4,700 views

Vegan Nazis have beef with Varg Vikernes

19. 5,184 views

Four Metal Bars You Have to Visit in Europe

18. 5,247 views

What The Experts Have To Say About Your Favourite Metal Albums…

17. 5,459 views

An Introduction To Finnish Death Metal

16. 5,777 views

The Worst Metal Song of All Time Is…

15. 5,989 views

Nazi Metalheads Fuck Off

14. 6,818 views

Distributing NSBM? I’m NAZI-ing a Problem

13. 7,714 views

I might have made an album as good as GHOST BATH’S STARMOURNER if my parents were supportive of my music

12. 8,701 views

Review: Morbid Angel – Kingdoms Disdained

11. 8,819 views


10.  10,356 views

How nu-metal got everything right

9. 10,450 views

Healing, Living and Sharing an interview with Colin From Amenra

8. 12,281 views

Toilet Radio gets brutal with CHRIS BARNES

7.  12,741 views

YOU Pick the Sexiest Dude in Metal: The Sexy Sixteen

6. 13,473 views

The Porcelain Throne: The Red Chord

5. 15,888 views

The Greatest Metal Concept Album Ever Tournament: The Championship

4. 18,241 views

YOU Pick the Sexiest Dude in Metal: The Erotic Eight

3. 21,873 views

Shining Concert Cancelled Due To Niklas Kvarforth’s Alleged Actions in Idaho

2. 47,153 views

Hey, Promoters, Stop Doing This Bullshit

1. 509,247 views

Hey, Local Bands, Stop Doing This Bullshit

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