Now That’s What I Call Pelagic Music!


This massive two-disc compilation, In the Twilight, These Rocks have Teeth, puts Pelagic Records’ massive talent pool on display. With just about three hours of progressive post-rock and -metal, The Ocean’s label shows it has a pretty consistent vision on what it likes to put out. Songs flow in and out of each other flawlessly, making the album feel like a comprehensive piece of art created by hundreds (I’m bad at math) of artists. There’s nothing quite like it.

Of course, many of these tracks are re-releases, so if you’re a die-hard fan of this music you’ll probably recognize a few tracks. I can’t recommend it enough for people looking for new post addictions. There’s not a bad track on here and a lot to discover.

The first disk, In the Twilight, has some of the calmer post material, but there’s no lack of intensity. Highlights include:

Pg.Lost – A moody instrumental opener that gains momentum then keeps it humming.

Mono – Pure serenity, exactly what you’d expect from the well-established Japanese band.

Cult of Luna – Oh yes. This CoL release is from a rare-ish 2010 book/DVD thing, so it fits well with Eternal Kingdom material. It’s not exceptional, but any extra Luna is good Luna.

Tiny Fingers – Nice use of electronics and superb drumming.

The Ocean – Of course they are going to make sure they have a newish song that will hype up the compilation. This unreleased Pelagial track slightly subdues my imminent need for new material from the band.

Takaakira ‘Taka’ Goto – It’s less than two minutes but it’s beautiful. Inspired me to check out more from the composer and I am happy I did.

Now on the to the heavier side! It gets a little sludgier and louder on part 2. Be sure to check out these tunes on These Rocks Have Teeth:

LLNN – I was really taken by the split they released earlier this year, and now I’m kicking myself for not digging into their catalog. Heavy shit.

Coilguns – It’s like mathcore with a grind-like intensity.

Family – First of all “Daddy Wronglegs” is a great track name. Second, it’s pretty neat progressive hardcore or something like that.

Kruger – I didn’t do extensive research on every band so they might not be alone here, but I was pretty bummed to hear this one disbanded. This is some good whacky progressive hardcore.

Lo! – I’m a new fan based on their recent track release (album coming October 6), and this older song is just as good! Super heavy sludge.

Implore – Ow! My fucking eardrums!

There are a ton of bands I didn’t mention, so be sure to check out the full list! This label is pretty stacked with good acts for people of similar tastes to my own. The compilation is out now, so go purchase a copy here.

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