Riff of the Week: WAR


man dressed in a military uniform playing guitar


Happy weekend, ya’ dingi. In case you missed the note last week, we’re gonna jam some riffs from songs with “war” in the title. We have a ton of riffs today, and some of them are even good!

Last week, Janitor Jim beat me by a few votes in the dad rock-off. I suspect and am certain of foul play. He’s not even a real fucking dad.

Next week, lets do… grind riffs. I don’t know shit about grind, but my buddy W. is something of an aficionado and a lot of you seem to dig it. What do you say? A little bump n’ grind? Send your riffs to toiletovhellriff@gmail.com with the link, a blurb, and the timestamp (don’t be a jive turkey slacker like me this week).

Okay let’s get to it. War!



Here’s one that never got enough attention. Back me up, Simon, Stanley, etc. APOCALYPTIC WAR COMMAND.



“You put your faith in Christianity
I put mine in artillery
My M-16, my lord and savior
Christ never done me a motherfucking favor”

Riff: 2:39


Дмитрий Блудов

A safe bet. The riff starts from 0:38.


Brock Samson

The song has the word warfare rather than just war so it counts right?, Anyways, play it at 2:37 nerds.



There’s perhaps three riffs to choose from here. This one, in particular, was birthed of white wine and confederate flags. RIP Dimebag. @~:22 mark.



Shit gets way rad at 2:07.



Riff at 0:00, and the next two minutes. QED.



Epic Mongolian/Chinese folk metal, with battle scenes from the movie ‘Mongol’ to set the sword-and-turkey-leg swinging mood. Riff starts at the 2:14 mark.



There’s War in the band’s name and the band’s name is beside the title so I guess it counts. 10:24.


Tigeraid / Whately

T: I know for a fact if someone posts War Machine it’s gonna ruin this contest. The one and only KISS riff that isn’t shit is timeless low hanging fruit, so I will skip that (and I hope everyone else does.) So instead, how ’bout a thrashy classic from Kreator? I’m one of those who prefers their newer, higher quality stuff, and this is off my fav album. The riff threads its way in and out mostly with the chorus, starting at 0:45, and then sort of reverses and comes back down around 1:05, then repeats.

W: WAR. RIFF. 1:45


Ted Nü-Djent

About 52 seconds in until around 2.15. The Chasm bring the riffs. If I were allowed to, I’d just submit the whole song.


Paul Zac

If you know how to retract your testicles it’s time to use this technique. If not be prepared to get crushed by the riff @ 00:13.



The mighty Spear gave me this record and, boy, it rips! The thrash edges of this power metal gives a certain charm to this violent thematic. Since the start, with those cutting riffs through the percussive rhythms, the song battles his way with anxieties until that melodic riff moment that strikes in 1:15 accompanying the chorus.


Boss the Ross

“TV War” opens Accept’s 7th album, Russian Roulette and with blistering riff after riff it proves to be one of the best songs on the album. This song will pound you through the ground and drive you all the way to the Earth’s molten core. Wolf Hoffman is an unrelenting Riffmachine and my pick for this week starts at 1:38 with a sick weediliy deedily that leads into the chorus riff. TV WAR! TV WAR! BLOODLESS BUT DEADLY AND CRUEL!






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