Interview With Bestias De Asalto


Fresh from their newest campaign of war and terror, The Supremest Leader of Besterest Korea got a chance to catch up with south Mexican electro-punk-industrial commandos Bestias De Asalto (“Assault Beasts” in English). Combining some of the harshest elements of industrial, electro-punk, aggrotech and various other things that scare EDM hipsters, it’s quite easily some of the best and harshest dance music to come out in quite some time. And, having convinced them to get a Disqus account (which required hauling in massive amounts of tanks and muchos cervezas for them), you can also ask them anything you want on the beloved TOH page!

(1). So, tell us a little bit about the history and influences of the band, for those who are new to BDA.

BDA: BDA was formely Maldito, with Psycommander on voice and Enfermo on sequences. After that, we decided to make an evolution of the band, transforming it into Bestias De Asalto, by including Tripas on keybords and sampling and Enfermo on drums. After this, BDA first release was Homenaje A La Violencia, in 2012, and then the second LP was Sectas De La Guerra in 2014.

(2). We, at least here in America, never get to hear much about southern Mexico. What’s it like down there, and does it affect the atmosphere of the music?

It is like any place in the world, our music is based in our inner feelings and our sickness. We just make music to war. Violence is everywhere.

(3). And how would you compare the music scene down there versus northern Mexico?

Well, we think that we are a very different band, talking about styles. We can not compare neither with the north of our country bands nor with any other band or any place in the world. We have our own flair as anybody has, we are quite different about any other band on the scene, but also we can’t even describe or categorize our music, which is a combination from different styles like industrial, metal, punk, harsh, ebm, inter alia. But the real pattern that we can observe is that in the north of our country the music is kind of softer than in south of Mexico, and it is more inclined to club style (talking about electro). Therefore, we can say that our music is raw and aggressive, but it is the same effect in Metal, Punk, Rap and other styles coming from the south.

(4). I noticed you mentioned metal in your profile, and a lot of us (myself included) have bounced between harsh electronic music and metal. Have you gotten much of a reception from the metal crowd so far, and do you see the newer electro-punk/aggrotech/electro-industrial bands catching on with the metal crowd like in the 90’s?

BDA: No, we think the new electronic scene is closing to create music influenced 100% by electronic styles, and it is losing the essence of the old ones, that had influences like rock, metal, punk, and any original combination. So the scene is, for us, in decadence, because a lack of opening from the musicians and the crowd, blocking any kind of innovation and always comparing the new projects with any sacred existing band. Many people, in any scene, think that you can not listen to another style if you belong to one, but this is just bullshit. Our music is violent, and it is for people who likes violent music, but the scene is growing in this aspect, so in a future we’ll can observe real different crowds into one big electro scene.

bestias de asalto

(5). What does the speech on ‘M-60’ say?

“Somos armas letales, cargadas con el dolor de nuestors enemigos, hijos de la guerra, emisarios de la muerte nacidos para destruir, no conocemos el dolor, nuestra mision es causar muerte y devastacion.”

We are lethal weapons, loaded with the pain of our enemies, sons of war, emissaries of death born to destroy. We do not know the pain, our mission is to cause death and devastation.

(6). Any plans to tour America or South America in the future?

That’s the idea, but is not on our hands, it always depends on the promoters and the label, and of course of the support from the crowd. We really want to spread our music.

(7). Anything you’d like to add (including good southern Mexican recipes since not many of us have heard about recipes from that region!)

BDA: LOL you can try Tlayudas and Mezcal!! Thank you for the interview, and we would like to answer any other question from the people!!

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