Riff Of The Week: 2017 Third Quarter Giveaway


Three-quarters of the year gone. My bag of riffs is overflowing, is yours?

Before we get into this week’s contest, let’s take a look at the results from last week’s massive September Free-For-All Edition. Normally when we get a tonne of submissions the voting is pretty spread-out across the entries, however, last week the slimy overlords at Slugdge enacted their gigantic gastropodial garrison and absolutely devoured the competition. This was one of the most dominating displays I’ve ever overseen during my tenure as RotW’s arsehole arbiter. HAIL MOLLUSCA!

This week we’re celebrating/commiserating the fact that 2017 is 75% over. We’ve already had our First Quarter and Half-Yearly giveaway comps, and now we must do battle yet again. However, when I logged into the Riff inbox on Friday, I was greeted with one lonely entry. This put me in the difficult situation of having to go against my overwhelmingly  pure laziness morality and submit something myself. Don’t complain if your fave riff wasn’t mentioned, because you didn’t send it in, did you? You fucking buffoon. Don’t forget to use the PROMO CODE PLOD after voting to get your 6th litre of blood free of charge on your next transfusion at Scott’s Plasma & Prune Juice Emporium.

Egg Beater

Witch Vomit – “Fevers Of Torment” (Riff @ 3:33)

Ah, Witch Vomit, now that’s a band name, huh? I imagine that a witch’s vomit looks like this band sounds. Murky and dirty, baby. This “mini LP” closes out at 3:33 with a riff the bass starts before the rest of the band kicks in to serve you up with a riff that’s so heavy it’ll……well, it’ll make a witch vomit.

Witch Vomit Stream + Interview (June 2017)


Biesy – “Wkrew” (Riff @ 6:13)

At the time of compiling this, there was but a solitary riff submission in the inbox. Thankfully, Polish black metal’s new faces Biesy were there for me to make a competition of this. Their debut album is a cortex cauterising clusterfuck of mental dissolution and mad fucking riffs. The pull-off + stomp riff that starts around 6:14 is one of my faves from the last few months. If you dig Odraza, DsO, or Suffering Hour, make sure you check this album out.

Biesy – Noc Lekkich Obyczajów review (August 2017)


Nailblack – “Envied” (Riff @ 0:32)

While black metal is definitely not my favourite genre, hard-riffing black metal is another story. The Nailblack premiere hit me right in the gut with its beefy riffage, and I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album.

Nailblack – “Envied” track premiere (September 2017)

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Next week to celebrate the release of the first new material from legendary death metal band The Chasm in almost a decade, we’re doing an all The Chasm themed Riff Of The Week (save your Cenotaph riffs for another time). This should be a good chance for everyone to get pumped for new shit, both old and new fans. Send your fave Corchado riffs to toiletovhellriff@gmail.com by Friday, being sure to include your screen-name and a short description + time-stamp.

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