Pokécovers: Classic Album Art with Pokémon!


I am a 90s kid. The Pokémon games and – to a lesser extent – the Pokémon television series were an integral part of my childhood. As an avid music fan that is obsessed about album covers, combining both is a personal wet dream come true.

The Pokécovers project started when three comrades from the Land of HUE (ie, Brasil) united to pursue an idea born out of an anonymous internet forum. The end result is trill, even if it could use a bit more metal. Good news is, they take suggestions, so let’s bother them until they do your favorite album’s makeover. I want to see Jynx on the cover of Jane Doe.

Take a look at my favorites:

Metallica‘s Black Album + Ekans


Pink Floyd‘s Animals + Tepig


Swans‘ Filth + Rattata


Swans‘ To Be Kind + Oshawott (I have no idea who this Pokémon is)


MF Doom‘s Madvillainy + Cubone


And now, the coup de grâce:


Pokécovers is only 2 months old, and they run daily posts. Send them your suggestion! And don’t forget to stab here and give them a like!

PS: I’m not gonna lie, one of my favorite aspects about this page is that they respond to criticism with images of Anthony Fantano. Like this one:


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