Tech Death Thursday: The Crinn


Welcome to the most pumpkin-spiced edition of Tech Death Thursday yet! Let’s go over some news, then take a big ol’ bite out of Midwestern magicians The Crinn.

–Rivers of Nihil would like to remind you that they are better at guitar than you are with this playthrough of Perpetual Growth Machine.

–Unbreakable Hatred are streaming the title track from their upcoming album Ruins at No Clean Singing.

–Antropofago, in a show of one-upsmanship, are streaming their entire new joint over at No Clean Singing well in advance of its August release date.

–The Ritual Aura have preorders for their upcoming Laniakea available from Lacerated Enemy records’s bandcamp page.


The Crinn play my very favorite flavor of technical metal. It’s chaotic and heavily grind-influenced, the vocals have a ton of character, and they only have one damn guitar of the 6 string variety. I love guitarmonies as much as the next guy, but with music already this dense and fast-paced it’s refreshing to be able to readily hear and identify each individual lick from drums, guitar, bass guitar, and voice upon first listen.

As expected with any artist featured in this column, all four of these gentlemen can shred with enough ferocity to tear their instruments apart with ease. Bass fretboard runs abounds, and some clever use of delay makes one guitar sound like 3 when he rips into tasty tapping licks.

Their most recent album Shadowbreather, released just in April of this year, is handily their strongest (and longest) release to date. The tense weedlywees will occasionally make way for less abrasive flavors like the straight-up rock and roll banger tucked inside “Maze of Walls” and the bass and tom led breakdown in “Deaf Effort”. This contrast gives added weight to every riff on the record, whether they are of a more chaotic or more stubborn flavor. If you think you only have the attention span for 3 songs of this crazy shit, try out their EP Dreaming Saturn which left us all drooling for more back in 2010.

If you wish Dillinger Escape Plan had just a few more righteous blastbeats and none of the Mike Patton worship, The Crinn might just be your jam. Peep them on Facebook here, and buy all their lovely lovely records here.

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