Premiere: Act of Impalement Invite You to Their Perdition Cult



In these premieres I usually take some time at the start to crack a few jokes, perhaps erroneously link things to Mortal Kombat or just make fun of Florida for literally being a nightmare dragged into our plane of existence. Not today. Why, you ask? Because today I’m bringing you the premiere of one my favorite death metal albums of the year: Perdition Cult by Act of Impalement.

High praise right out of the gate, but I assure you that Act of Impalement live up to it and maybe even then some. Feast your eyes upon the artwork for Perdition Cult and it should be pretty obvious that you’re in for something that evokes the early 90’s, and pressing play will not offer any curveballs. The influences are immediately apparent, with heavy doses of Autopsy‘s punked up doomy death only giving way to reveal the stiff mid paced stylings of Bolt Thrower. Something else they picked from these two bands? RIFFS. Not a single song goes by without at least one massive, pit starter of a riff making an appearance. If I were to post a suddenly incredibly popular yet overdone meme here, it would be sure to tell you that this bad boy can fit so many fucking riffs in it.

The band also does an excellent job keeping things short without necessarily keeping them simple. Each song, though only around 3 minutes, offers a ton of variety and very little in the way of repetition. It’s not unusual for things to start out acoustically, launch into a raucous death metal assault, toss in a lead or two, and slow down for a bit of mid tempo chuggery before feedback kills it all in 2 and a half minutes. They may be short, but these jams are jam packed, ever evolving beasts.

So what say you, toilet fam? Is this doomy, deathly, doomly death getting you hot and heavy? Get down in the comments and lets talk about these RIFFS.

Perdition Cult is set to drop August 17th via Unspeakable Axe Records. You can order it here (or on tape/vinyl through Caligari Records) and give the band a like on facebook here.


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