An informative studio update from Steven Wilson


I was pleasantly surprised at how well the news of Steven Wilson’s recording was received in this toilet. It taught me that, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, many of you really do have your heads on straight and totally like good music. So I figured this bit of news might be of some interest to you dudes.

Yesterday a six-minute short of Steven Wilson and the band at AIR Studios in London (created by Lassie Hoile) was posted to Steven Wilson’s Facebook page. Unlike most studio updates, this one is well-made and full of useful information, previews of the album as a work in progress, and the glorious, shining personage of the progmaster himself. Here it is:

For the folks who can’t watch this because they’re at work/at school/busy/etc., here’s some good information revealed by Wilson in the short interview:

“It’s the same band. So its Guthrie Govan on guitar, Marco Minnemann on drums, Nick Beggs on bass, Adam Holzman on keyboards. Theo is involved in the record, although less so, and that’s no reflection on him, it’s simply because I’ve written less for sax and flute this time. And I think, generally, this album has probably got much less of the strong jazz element than the last record had.”


“In some ways it seems like the next step to me from The Raven…, but whereas The Raven… was fairly consistent in tone (because it had such a strong concept and also I was very much into the idea of making an album that almost sounded like it could have been made in 1972 — like a real vintage, old-school progressive rock album. I think we did that, and I’m really proud of the fact that we did that, and did it pretty well), now I’m looking to maybe bringing in some of the other elements from my musical repertoire, as it were. So we’ve got electronic music on the album, we’ve got a couple of real straightforward (well, for me) pop tunes, but we’ve also got three tracks that are long, more progressively-influenced tracks, too. So in some ways it feels almost like a combination of all my solo work, and maybe all my work overall, it’s kind of all somehow represented in this album.”

I’m pretty excited. This guy can do no wrong (Yes, even Storm Corrosion, you ass). He’s like King Midas, only everything he touches turns into AOTY-material instead of gold (Okay, maybe not Storm Corrosion). It looks like we’re going to have to wait until February 2015 for this one.

Keep an eye out for more updates. I’m going to go watch the Anesthetize live DVD.

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