Stream: Archaic Tomb’s Ancient Death


Cavernous death to conjure a cataclysmic neck injury.

We’ve all felt burnt out on certain things in our time. School, work, driving, speaking, eating, pooping, eating, pooping, existential malaise, pooping. Whatever it may be. Practically everything will become monotonous if you do it enough, no matter how much you love it. All we can really do is try to enjoy that time before the tedium subsumes the pleasure. My friends, right now is the time where catacomb-dwelling death metal reigns supreme. The time when sepulchral riffs rule all. Enjoy it, like the hedonistic hominid hobo you were destined to become from birth. Eat. Eat. Let Archaic Tomb provide you with what you crave.

From the ritualistic tom-tumbling crescendo introduction onwards, Archaic Tomb set the tone perfectly for what is to follow; 25 minutes of malevolent mid-tempo death metal that doesn’t try to fool you with flashy fills or excessive theatrics, just solid riff after solid fucking riff. If you were a fan of Vacivus‘ powerful debut from last year then Congregations For Ancient Rituals is what you’re going to be following that up with on your ‘Death Metal That Does Not Fuck Around’ Playlist(s).

Pick up your copy of Archaic Tomb‘s Congregations For Ancient Rituals on CD or cassette from January 15th at Caligari Records or through their Bandcamp page. Follow Archaic Tomb and Caligari Records on Facebook for updates.

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