Premiere: Begat the Nephilim will feed your “Fervor for Flesh”


We’ve got a ripping new track from a sweet new band for you today. Begat the Nephilim are bringing the goods!

“Fervor for Flesh” is as gloriously ghoulish as it sounds. For all their technical showmanship and madcap instrumental antics, what really sets Begat the Nephilim apart is their flair for the dramatic. Synth harpsichord and keys bolster their dark melodies, bringing a variety of textures to the neoclassical Gothic atmosphere. Grim riffing on the low end completes the picture, weaving a winding path through the striking leads. It’s a style we’ve heard before, sure, but rarely is it executed so professionally and with a unique spin on it.

It’s an all around good time, equal parts heavy and catchy, and it’s cinematic as hell. But hey, don’t take my word for it; hit play and let that sweet, sweet harpsichord draw you in:

I: The Surreptitious Prophecy/Mother of the Blasphemy is out on June 15th, available from Unholy Anarchy Records. Be sure to give a shout out to Begat the Nephilim on Facebook as well.
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