Premiere: Vale Of Pnath – ‘Accursed’



And just like that, we’re treated to this surprise new Vale Of Pnath track!

Those of you who’ve been around the bowl for any amount of time will know both of our esteemed Tech-Death Thursday columnists have had a strong affinity for the shredding insanity that Colorado band unleash in an almost unmatched fashion. Today we’re stoked as hell to bring you the very first taste of their first release since 2016’s highly acclaimed II. Sadly Spear is out of action at this juncture so I’ve had to take the reigns and cover this, the title track from their upcoming EP Accursed.

On ‘Accursed’, Vale Of Pnath immediately put the pedal to the floor with riffing as intense as anything they’ve ever penned; portending to the five minutes of utter fury that follows. A strong key presence still pervades the band’s undercurrent, but this time things feel darker, more sinister. If tension and release is the basis for musical dynamics, ‘Accursed’ pushes the former to its pressure point, offering little respite for the listener to regain resolve. In short, it’s exactly what you want to hear for a pre-album teaser.

Check it out for yourself below.

The tracklisting for Accursed is as follows:

  1. Shadow And Agony (intro)
  2. The Darkest Gate
  3. Skin Turned Soil
  4. Accursed
  5. Audient Void
  6. Obsidian Realm
  7. Spectre Of Bone

Keep your eye on Vale Of Pnath‘s Facebook page and Willowtip‘s Bandcamp for pre-order updates.

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