Track Premiere: Assault – “Genocidal Conspiracy”


“Thrash is dead!” – some idiot who never heard the hot riffs and fiery licks of Singapore’s best kept secret, Assault. Today, I’m pleased as hell to unleash the full flaming fury of a frenetic fret frenzy courtesy of an exclusive track premiere from Transcending Obscurity‘s finest purveyors of the riff. This is the “Genocidal Conspiracy.”

On “Genocidal Conspiracy,” the second track from the young five-piece’s debut full-length, The Fallen Reich, Assault waste no time with pointless exposition. The track cracks open with an absolutely nasty riff certain to get your head bobbing long before the machine-gun drums and snarling vocals open your cubicle pit up. But then the track hits you with another riff. And another. Never relenting, Assault are a blitzkrieging death machine on “Genocidal Conspiracy,” one that tears up the countryside (and your office) with impunity.

Make no mistake, though; Assault are not a simple riff factory. Careful listeners will hear a generous helping of melodic death metal phrasing and even some southern-infused grind licks amid the firestorm of Teutonic-style thrash antics. There’s an absolutely killer call-and-response between the rhythm and lead guitars about halfway through the track that evokes deep-fried nastiness a la Soilent Green just before the band delivers a panzer-fired solo and outro riff that could have easily been torn out of Kreator‘s playbook. These inspirations could easily wear thin, but the riffs and musicianship are so compelling that you can’t help but move when Assault fire off the warning shot.

Stab play below and boogie to some killer thrash and delicious melodies.

The Fallen Reich drops tomorrow, May 10th. You can get it on Bandcamp courtesy of Transcending Obscurity. While you’re jamming out to the sweet riffs, which feature guest appearances from Nothnegal and Chthonic, be sure to swing by Facebook and tell Assault how siqqq that Mark Riddick art is.

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