TOMORROW: Call In to Toilet Radio


Wanna join the show? Here’s how.

A few months back I did a foolish thing and let you people call in to Toilet Radio. And because I’m unable to learn my lesson, I’m gonna do it again. I’ve got 8 fifteen minute slots available tomorrow morning. What you choose to do with those 15 minutes is up to you. Wanna discuss your favorite nü-metal album? You can do that. Wanna tell me a long-winded story about the time you were gonna go see Amon Amarth but then you got too drunk in the parking lot and had to sleep it off in your buddy Daniel’s Acura but then you puked on his seats and he got hella mad at you even though he knew you don’t react well to vodka? You can do that too. The Toilet is your oyster.

If you wanna call in you can either DM me on Twitter or message me on Facebook. Better do it ASAP cuz it’s first come first serve. From there, I’ll give you the time and the number to call. Let’s make some radio.

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