Premiere: Black Hole Deity take us to the “Lair of Xenolich”


Sit down, grab a cookie, get obliterated.

At least, that’s the most likely course of events if a Xenolich is anything like a Demilich. And if it has cookies in its lair, I guess. Which seems unlikely judging by the sound that newly formed grinding death metal project Black Hole Deity conjure up. Today, we are happy to present you a sneak peak at the title track of their upcoming EP, Lair of Xenolich.

The band consists of seasoned death metallers from Chaos Inception and Malignancy. The combination of the former’s penchant for dabbling in the metaphysical and the latter’s brutality results in “Supernatural/sci-fi-themed death metal” that is absolutely relentless, but keeps things classy; the overall sound is very reminiscent of old school genre staples, i.e. crisp and clean rather than laden with cavernous reverb. The blazing guitar solo kicking in around 1:45 is further proof that Black Hole Deity knows how to murder with style.

Lair of Xenolich is scheduled for release in early 2020 via Lavadome Productions. Keep an eye on the band here and the label here to learn more.

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