Album Premiere: Kåabalh Kill On Debut


Dismal death with a dash of doom to kill your dreary afternoon.

Just over a month ago we were rapt to present the first offering from the crushing new French death/doom band Kåabalh, and now today we’re extremely stoked to bring you an exclusive full album stream on the eve of its release. Thankfully, after hearing this lumbering beast of an album earlier, I’m pleased to say that nothing needs to be recanted from the description I gave back for our premiere of ‘Acheron’. The other 5 tracks are every bit as fluent in their filth-flinging as you’d have hoped.

As with almost every release in this vein, there is that omnipresent Incantation sound which still echoes around the underground, however Kåabalh imbue that familiarly acrid subterranean air with some Kryptsian occultism, contagion quality hooks, and perhaps most surprsingly, slick solos. If you were a fan of the doomier direction Dead Congregation flirted with on Sombre Doom then this will be right up your alley. Enough from me, time for you to jump headlong into the morass.

Tracklist :
1. Cabal (4:15)
2. Acheron (7:14)
3. Dark Wrath of a New God (7:14)
4. The Complete Darkness (4:57)
5. Heavy Boredom Death (6:21)
6. Death’s Ovation (9:31)

Kåabalh’s self-titled debut is out tomorrow, pick up your copy from the links below.

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