Tech Death Thursday: Xerod


Today, we explore the mysteries of the deep with Xerod on Tech Death Thursday!

First, the news:

  • In an official press release (which can be read at Lambgoat), Fallujah announced that they have begun recording their new album, due out next year via Nuclear Blast. I can’t be certain, but I don’t think I’m the only one frothing at the loins at this announcement.
  • In five days (as of this writing), Obscura plans to unveil… something. Probably a new song and album release date. Or another lineup change and album delay.
  • The Zenith Passage have put out a short teaser for their new album due out early next year. In case you’ve forgotten, this is why you should be excited.
  • OG deathcore dudes All Shall Perish have reunited after two years of silence following a legal battle for their name and the rights to their music.
  • The new Lost Soul album is streaming at NCSAtlantis: The New Beginning will very likely worm its way onto my year-end list; don’t sleep on this one.
  • Ingurgitating Oblivion, who were responsible for one of my favorite albums of last year, have released a few snippets of new music which can be heard here.
  • Newcomers Sapraemia have a new album coming this November, with two tracks that can be streamed here.
  • Prog instrumentalist(s?) Pomegranate Tiger have a new song out, entitled “Cyclic.” I’ve never really been able to get into these guys, but I know a lot of other people who dig them, and I’m sure some of you will too.
  • It sounds like Viraemia have been going through some tough shit lately, according to this status update. Long story short, new music is still coming, but it’s going to be awhile.
  • Progressive brutal death metal outfit Cerebric Turmoil have a new album on its way for November 13th. Check out “Grotesque Dreaming” here.

Canada and France have long been locked in an arms race of tech death supremacy, with Canada featuring heavy hitters such as Beyond Creation and Archspire and France hosting behemoths like Gorod and Kronos. It’s a battle that will rage until the end of time itself, and the rest of us get to reap the benefits. France’s newest addition to its formidable arsenal is Xerod. These fellows (and fellowette) bring the guitar-worship in full, harmonized riffs and leads dueling in a flurry of furious fretwork. The drums are totally on point as well, with closer “The Angry Octopus” bringing some particularly tasty grooves. A lot of the melodic ideas presented on Infinite Cycle remind me of First Fragment’s The Afterthought Ecstasy, but it’s generally more reined in. There are moments that reach the same level of intensity, such as the end of “Aeon,” but they rely more on hooks than the latter. Given how heavy it is, Infinite Cycle is a surprisingly catchy album.

Another thing that sets Xerod apart from their peers are the slower moments. While there’s no shortage of tech death bands with varying degrees of atmosphere in their music, most of them use it to give their songs a floating, weightless feel. Xerod do the opposite. The slower segments in “Aeon” and “Guma,” as well as instrumental interlude “Oceans Deep,” are ominous and heavy. Where a band like Fallujah might want to make you feel like you’re floating among the clouds, Xerod want you to feel the crushing weight of the hadalpelagic deep.

Infinite Cycle is out now and is name-your-price Bandcamp. If you like what you heard, you can find them on Facebook as well. Until next time, my fellow tech-heads,

Stay Tech

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