New Street Fighter V Trailer Shows Djent Has Entered Public Consciousness


Despite quite a bit of rabble-rousing on this side of the Pacific over a case of “game developer censorship” ruining our American experience, Street Fighter V has almost arrived in the US, and fighting game fans are practically frothing at the loins to get their hands on the latest game in the tournament-spawning franchise. The new trailer, dropped today, is expectedly hype-building. This post isn’t about the game, or the female game characters’ absurd proportions, but rather the interesting background music in the new trailer. Ladies and gentlemen, it seems that the world of competitive vidya has accepted djent as its new fire-up jam of choice.

Note, I have no idea how good this game will be because I haven’t played a Street Fighter game since EX+Alpha on the PS-One, but I’m certain a number of you will want to watch the full trailer to see what kind of wacky adventures Ryu and Chun-Li have found themselves in this time. For those of you disinterested in Ryu’s beard or Cammy’s thighs, press play anyway just to hear that djent jam.

Sounds like Cloudkicker, doesn’t it? It’s got all the hallmarks of Scale the Summit-esque 8-string wanking. Lots of chugs. Low-key rhythmic shifts. An insistence that playing one note for an entire song is somehow progressive. Joe and I poked around a bit to see if we could figure out who the artist behind the music is, but it appears the music was produced by Capcom’s in-house team. The game also features merengue and techno jams, so it doesn’t look like metal is the new focus. Still, this trailer theme, a slight alternative form of the Online Main Menu music, seems to be a finger scribbling on the wall for what we can expect in future game trailers.

80s revival jams are out. Chugs are in. I guess you now have another reason to dislike this particular sector of the metal sphere.

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